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The World's #1 Site To Buy a Fake ID / Novelty ID Card!

Order easily and securely. Pay by Bitcoin / Cash / Money Order. All we need is your shipping address, portrait photo, signature and payment, and we'll begin processing your order immediately. We ship worldwide by courier/air freight, and stand behind the delivery of each order.


All of our IDs are printed using high definition tools, the same equipment as your local DMV. We use industry-standard HDP/Film and dye-dublimation printing onto PVC cards containing low-coercivity magnetic stripes.


Our IDs are made and shipped in a matter of days. We'll get your order to your door faster than anyone else in the business. We fully guarantee delivery of your ID orders with tracking IDs.


All of our IDs will scan and swipe correctly. We use highly accurate holograms and our IDs pass blacklight and bend tests where needed. All barcodes and magnetic stripes are properly encoded with the data you provide.


We are focused on providing high quality fake ID, with fast order processing and shipping. All of our IDs have all the security features you want, incorporated into a top-quality printed PVC card with overlay, holograms and fully encoded magstripe and barcodes!

  • They have high quality, authentic holograms.

  • They Scan.

  • They Swipe.

  • We offer priority/rush shipping.

  • We have great group discounts!

We have been in this business for a long time now and we know what our customers need. We have excellent customer service and we'll respond to nearly all emails and SMS messages the same day! All of our fake IDs are high quality and will work when scanned or swiped in all common card readers. We stand behind our fake IDs and are confident you'll be back for more!


We offer discounts when bulk ordering our IDs. You may want to consider ordering together with your friends, or even become a reseller. When bulk ordering, you may choose to have your cards delivered to a single address, or multiple addresses (at no additional cost).

All prices are in US dollars. We accept payment by International Money Order, Cash, or Bitcoin (Wallet Address: 141dsLVdRRZzE6z3j1HqLcWxyHNd7173x3)

The cost of each ID is as follows:

$130/each $115/each $100/each $85/each $70/each
1 Fake ID 2 Fake IDs 3 Fake IDs 4 Fake IDs 5 or more Fake IDs

The price of air mail/courier shipping & handling is included in the cost of each ID. However, you may also choose rush shipping & handling by adding $25 USD per order. Duplicate cards (doubles) are only $35 each.


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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Posted under : Shipping

    Yes. We ship worldwide, by courier/air mail freight to any address, including PO boxes.

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  • What info do you need to fill my order?
    Posted under : Ordering

    We'll at minimum need you to indicate your desired card/state, your name and address on card, height, weight, and your shipping address. You will also need to include a photo and signature.

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  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Posted under : Payment

    We accept payment using Bitcoin, International Money Orders or cash in USD/EUR. If paying by money order, leave the 'Payee:' field blank. If paying with Bitcoin, send payments to Bitcoin Wallet Address: 141dsLVdRRZzE6z3j1HqLcWxyHNd7173x3

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  • What kind of photos are acceptable?
    Posted under : Ordering

    We'll need a forward-facing photo with a flat background such as a wall or curtain. You may send a printed photo or scan, a flash drive or cd, or email your image(s) to us.

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  • Can you fix the background color for my photo?
    Posted under : Ordering

    Yes, we will adjust your background color to the appropriate tone as required at no additional cost.

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  • Do I need to send you a signature?
    Posted under : Ordering

    No, it is not required that you provide one. If you omit a signature, we will create one for you based on the name you provide for your card.

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  • Which states do you make IDs for?
    Posted under : Miscellaneous

    We only make IDs that use the latest designs. All of our cards are printed using designs updated in the current year. We offer fake ID cards for 21 US states. (AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MN, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NV, OR, PA, RI, SC, WA, WV)

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  • Do you give a discount on multiple orders?
    Posted under : Ordering

    Yes we do. See Pricing. We can ship to multiple addresses at no additional cost when ordering in bulk.

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  • Do you offer an affiliates or referral program?
    Posted under : Ordering

    Yes. If you would like to get into the ID business, or help your friends get IDs in bulk quantity -- you may collect orders locally, and mail in your order forms in bulk, saving you money. We can ship to multiple addresses at no additional cost when ordering in bulk. See our Pricing.

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  • How much does shipping cost?
    Posted under : Shipping & Payment

    Fast shipping is included in the cost of your ID. We ship your ID by air courier/freight.

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  • How long does shipping take?
    Posted under : Shipping

    Counting from the day we receive your order to the day you receive it, you are typically looking at 3-5 business days in North America. Overseas orders may take up to 10 business days.

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  • Can you expedite / rush my order?
    Posted under : Shipping

    For an extra fee of $25 per order, we can rush the processing, production and shipping of your ID order. If we have a backlog of orders being processed, your order will be produced much quicker than non-expedited orders.

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  • Is it legal to order an ID from you?
    Posted under : Miscellaneous

    Yes. You must agree to our terms and conditions when ordering. Terms include that you will not misuse your ID, falsify your identity, or present the ID when buying liquor or upon entering a club/bar, etc.

Ordering with your company was a breeze, and our IDs arrived quicker than planned. The quality was really good, just like your name says. Thank you so much!